Rediscover A Healthier You with Juice in the Park

“Healthy”, a word that often makes us wince, as we think of bland tasting salads and hours of anguish in a sweaty gym…

At Willow Park Village, we’ve found a way to bring “healthy” into your lives, that’s both easy and delicious, with cold pressed juices by Juice Because, the very first member of our Pop-up Series starting this month.

The series will aim to build memorable connector experiences between customers and complimentary, local businesses while also providing a launching pad for these businesses to build and grow. All in the spirit of shopping local, while rediscovering boutique!


Who is Juice Because?

Working alongside local holistic nutritionist Kendal Hannah, Juice Because has not only managed to formulate some of the best tasting juices on the market, but ensured that each bottle of goodness will support the body in a different way! Steeped in knowledge and experience, this locally owned company has cultivated ingredients that increase the body’s overall calcium and vitamin levels. Who would’ve thought a simple bottle of juice could be so good for you?



JB Cleanse 9.0

Looking to take the plunge with a full juice cleanse? Unlike other juicing diets that cut out solid foods, this cleanse provides 12 delicious juices that are to be consumed over the course of three days in combination with healthy evening meals. With results including clearer skin to more energy, this cleanse is definitely our favourite way to bring “healthy” into our lives!



Let’s Go Long-Term

Cleansing is a quick and easy way to purge away toxins and up your vitamin intake, but incorporating juices into your daily routine can help maintain your long term health.

Instead of that 2pm coffee, grab a bottle of Juice Because’s “Lenny”, he’ll boost those energy levels and up your body’s nutrients! Too busy for breakfast in the morning? Wholesome “Peter” will kick start your metabolism and give you the vitamins and energy you need to get your day started.

Just because something is convenient and delicious doesn’t mean it can’t be good for you! Head into Willow Park Village today and give Juice Because a try. It’s time to rediscover a healthier you.

Check out the new Juice Because Pop-up Shop at Willow Park Village, in unit 400, next to First Choice Haircutters. Open for the first time, TODAY until August 30!


Store Hours:

Wednesday-Saturday: 10am-6pm

Thursday: 10am-8pm

Sunday: 10am-5pm


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