August in Alberta!

Hey everyone – Willow here! It’s hard to believe that it’s the last month of summer, time seems to fly so fast these days! Now that the kids are slowly getting ready to go back to school, I decided it was time for a road trip. My family and I are fortunate enough to live in a province that’s rich in diverse scenery; Alberta is one of Canada’s most popular travel destinations for a reason, after all!


After reading AMA’s blog post on where to go in Canada this summer, we decided to head out to Peace River. The kids love being on the water, so it was the perfect destination for our family! First, I made sure to pick-up a new map from AMA first – while I’m all for GPS, my husband still prefers the old-fashioned way.


Before taking off on our summer adventure, I stopped off at Willow Park to stock up on some road trip essentials. MADE foods is one of my most frequented stores in the entire mall. I love how easy it is to shop for healthy, quick meal options! My picky eaters love it too, which is most definitely a bonus!


Since we’ll be spending a lot of time in the car, I stopped by Pipestone Travels to pick-up a few road-trip essentials, including neck pillows for my kids. They inflate easily with a few puffs of air, and one side even helps to keep you cool in the hot weather! Documenting our trips is so important to me – with the kids growing up fast, stopping to capture photographs is a must on any vacation. I trust my camera and iPhone in nothing but Pipestone Travel Store’s waterproof pouch. It gives me complete piece of mind knowing that I can comfortably tote my electronics around with the kids without fear of getting it wet. Pipestone also happens to be the perfect place to pick up clothes as well – my husband loves their zip-off pants!


At the end of our road trip, we met up with my nephew, Sam, who is in the process of learning how to drive. I dread the day that I have to teach my children how to operate a motor vehicle – I suppose I’ll leave that job to the husband, aha! That being said, I was pleasantly surprised to hear that Sam was learning to drive under AMA’s driving school. AMA provides the absolute best services when it comes to motor vehicles – I trust that he is in good hands to learn the ways of the road!


The final days of summer can be gloomy – with the inevitable return to school hanging over everyone’s heads, a fun trip is a nice way to make the time count! As always, I recommend Willow Park as your summer basecamp!


Thanks for reading – see you in September!


– XO Willow

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