Date Night Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a holiday for tenderness, and intimacy. It sparks feelings of love, and romance. This is not limited to the palpable rush of Cupid’s arrow, or the lustful passion of butterflies-in-your-stomach; it’s that and much more. It’s your partner who surprises you with a thoughtful dinner when you had a long day; your boyfriend treating you to a day of pampering with your best girlfriends; or planning a Valentine’s Day trip with your best friend because there’s no one else you would rather spend your time with. It is the experiences we share with our loved ones that are forever cherished.

Restaurant Date Night

Willow Park Village is home to a diverse assortment of premium dining experiences. Treat your Valentine’s Day date to any one of our restaurants whether it’s for lunch, dinner, or brunch the next morning.


Lamb chops at Caesars
Caesar’s Steakhouse

Caesars is your quintessential North American steakhouse and a staple in our city. This is fitting, seeing as Calgary is in the heart of beef country. They serve up only the finest sterling silver and “AAA” aged beef that Alberta has to offer. Each steak is uniquely cut to order, charbroiled to your exact specifications. The plush decor, premium food, and dimly-lit room provide the canvas for the perfect Valentine’s Day dinner.


Valentine's Day Chianti Restaurant
Chianti Café & Restaurant

What better way to celebrate the day of love than dining at a restaurant that serves the food of love – Italian! Chianti is a landmark serving delicious Italian cuisine to Calgarians for more than 27 years. Made with the freshest ingredients, Chianti Café & Restaurant is proud to serve soup, salad dressings, sauces, and pasta made from scratch. Contact Chianti today to book your table and show your Valentine’s Day date the top-quality and warm hospitality Chianti is known for.



Valentine's Day Broken Plate Restaurant
Broken Plate Greek Restaurant

Broken plate produces a modern representation of traditional Greek cuisine. They allow the contemporary influence to shine through in their dishes, while preserving the affable culture, and tradition that Greece is known for. Head chef, and proprietor Ervin Bushi comes highly qualified with culinary training from Greece and other parts of Europe. He takes great pride in the dishes he crafts for Broken Plate, including classics such as souvlaki, moussaka, grilled octopus, and greek salad. Treat your date to Broken Plate this Valentine’s day to satisfy their heart and stomach.


Sushi Ginza Valentine's Day

Sushi Ginza

Sushi is a great idea for a Valentine’s Day lunch or dinner where you get to try, and share, many different dishes in the serenity of Sushi Ginza’s tranquil Japanese garden. We like to start with Edamame, Salad Rolls, and Fresh Oysters before we dive into our favourite Sashimi and Rolls. They even have a Mango Cheesecake with their specialty house raspberry sauce that is to die for.  Sushi Ginza is the perfect place if you want to enjoy generous portions of savoury, yet healthy, Japanese cuisine.


Valentine's Day Brunch Tutti FruttiTutti Frutti Breakfast and Lunch

Although Tutti Frutti isn’t what you would think of as your traditional Valentine’s Day restaurant, it is an amazing brunch spot if you’ve prepared alternatives Valentine’s evening plans. They provide a unique, exquisite breakfast and lunch experience through a menu that is curated with fresh, seasonal ingredients. Tutti Frutti’s mission is to provide a comfortable, colourful atmosphere for their patrons to enjoy a quality breakfast together; no more rushing out the door in the morning with a coffee and granola bar in hand. Their menu features brunch favourites such as eggs benedict topped with rich hollandaise; hearty omelettes loaded with your choices of toppings, waffles and French toast to satisfy your sweet tooth, and nutritious smoothies.


Date Night in

For those choosing to spend a relaxing night in this Valentine’s Day, the culinary shops at Willow Park Village provide fresh, quality ingredients for you to prepare your own provisions. Visit these locations for some fabulous dinner ideas or pre-date charcuterie board additions.


Springbank Cheese PlatterSpringbank Cheese

This family-owned and operated business has gained a reputation for quality, competitive prices and a commitment to friendly service since they opened their doors in 1960. As the name suggests, they specialize in exceptional cheese and dairy products. Their expert staff have also prepared an extensive list of pairing options for beer, wine, and spirits that is available in-store or online.



Cobs French BreadCobs Bread

Cobs Bread cultivates the freshest high-quality breads and baked goods from scratch every day. Their time-honoured baking methods produce a premium product, that is sold the day of. You won’t find day-olds at Cobs Bread. Try a classic French loaf and pumpernickel to serve with your meal and some rich, frosted cinnamon buns for dessert. Their traditional loaves contain no added preservatives, colouring, sugar, or dairy, for those with food allergies.


North Sea Fish Market

North Sea Fish Market

North Sea Fish Market carries a wide variety of fresh fish, seafood, and gourmet prepared food for your kitchen. The friendly and knowledgeable staff will provide you with the best advice to curate your perfect Valentine’s Day dinner. Spring for a leaner protein option with North Sea Fish Market this Valentine’s Day. Perhaps start the evening off with some fresh oysters?



Whether you are celebrating with your significant other, a new crush you’ve been working the courage to ask out, or showing gratitude to friendships in your life, choose Willow Park Village for your Valentine’s Day dining experience.


Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at Willow Park Village!

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