5 Fall Wellness Tips to Keep You Healthy All Season Long

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As fall approaches, the weather gets colder and drier, leaves begin falling, everything becomes pumpkin-spiced, and people start settling down for the season. Unfortunately, with the change of season, seasonal depression increases, affecting around 10% of Canadians annually.

In this blog, we’re providing health and wellness tips for fall that can help you beat the seasonal blues. Below, we’ve listed five key wellness tips you don’t want to miss.

1. Take Care of Your Skin Health With a Good Moisturizer

Did you know most high-quality moisturizers have multiple health benefits? Not only does moisturizer keep your skin feeling softer, it also helps keep your skin looking youthful and can help reduce acne.

As the new season approaches and cooler temperatures strike, be sure to moisturize at least two times a day. Often, the best time to moisturize your skin is after showering or after washing your face. This will allow your skin to soak up all the moisture and nutrients. When choosing a moisturizer, look for one that best suits your skin type. For reference, if you have dry skin, you’ll want to choose a thick moisturizer that will soak into your skin, whereas a lighter lotion is best if you have oily skin.

2. Get Active and Take Charge of Your Mental Health

When the fall season approaches, many Canadians hunker down and prepare for hibernation in the winter. As temperatures drop, kicking back and staying home can feel much more comfortable than getting active; however, this can negatively affect your mental and physical health. According to Statistics Canada, only 49.2% of Canadian adults get the recommended amount of daily physical activity.

Getting active not only requires physical work, but it also requires mental strength and focus. The best way to get active is to find a workout that you enjoy. Try spin classes, rock climbing, or book a one-on-one exercise session to determine what activity is right for you. Once you discover your favourite method of fitness, try to do at least 150 minutes of exercise per week.

3. Get Enough Sleep and Keep Your Immune System Healthy

Did you know that people who don’t get enough sleep are at a higher risk of high blood pressure, chronic diseases, and injury? Sleep is vital to helping your body reset and having a healthy immune system. The Canadian 24-Hour Movement claims Canadians between ages 18-64 should get 7-9 hours of sleep, while those 65+ get 7-8 hours each night.

However, according to Stats Canada, 77% of Canadians between 18-64 get their recommended sleep, and only 55% of Canadians 65+ get their recommended sleep. If you’re falling into the negative side of this statistic, it’s imperative that you adjust your sleep schedule and go to bed earlier, so you can maintain the healthiest lifestyle.

Struggling to fall asleep? Try upgrading your bedding, or exercising more during the day so you feel more tired at night. You can also try naturopathic medicine or consulting with a sleep specialist if you still need help with the quality of your sleep.

4. Eat Local In-Season Foods

Did you know that eating healthy can help you live longer, boost your immune system, lower diseases, support digestion, and more? A great way to eat healthier is to purchase local, in-season foods. Local produce that is purchased in season has a higher nutritional value because antioxidants and phytonutrients in foods decrease over time. Around fall, we’re welcomed with some of the most delicious and healthy seasonal foods that will spice up your meals. Some of these in-season foods include pumpkin, which is fibre-heavy, sweet potatoes, which are full of Vitamin A, and beets which are full of Vitamin B9.

Healthy meals containing vegetables, healthy fats, vitamins such as Vitamin D and C are key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle this autumn.

5. Relax With a Deep Tissue Massage

Your mental and physical health can take a huge hit as the seasons change and daylight savings time moves the clock forward. One of the best ways to improve both your physical and mental well-being is to relax with massage therapy.

Not only does it make your body physically feel better, but it can also reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety, and stress while boosting energy and improving mood.

Stay Healthy This Fall Season With Willow Park Village

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As fall approaches, so does cold and flu season, cabin fever, and a lack of self-care. To take care of your mental and physical wellbeing this season, be sure to stay moisturized, get active, eat healthy, treat yourself to a massage, and get your full hours of sleep.

At Willow Park Village, we’re committed to supporting local businesses and showcasing some of the best retailers in the city! We have a wide variety of local vendors that are here to help you stay healthy all season long. From beauty and wellness stores to restaurants, boutiques, and gift shops, our 50 businesses have everything you need, all in one place. Support local and visit Willow Park Village in South Calgary to begin taking care of your health today.

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