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Hey again lovelies! I think it is about time we talk sauces, condiments and oils!  They’re so easy to add to food, but if you add the wrong ones it could easily be the biggest mistake you are making!

Some traditional/staple condiments carry a lot of added sugar, additives, and unneccessary “calories” – I never use this word, but it is the best way to describe how irrelevant some sauces can make your food- so let me help you make the right choice so you can go and sauce things up in the kitchen!

BUT FIRST A FEW TIPS!! I really suggest you all start start reading the labels before you purchase any condiments. My theory is if you cannot enunciate it then why would you eat it? And, do not over do it.  So not only are you sometimes consuming horrible for you sauces/oils, but you are more than likely eating way too much of them! Less is more.

I had the liberty of taking a few hours off in my day last week to go shop around in Willow Park Village, and this is where this post sort of came to me… when I walked into Made and found these three amazing dressings/sauces! All well made, healthy, and not filled with additives and preservatives!


Fermented Honey Vinaigrette GF, V, DF – the white sauce

Super simple ingredients, healthy, separates so you know there are no additives, and it tastes delicious! I eat this with my lighter salads, and it adds that extra punch when I am craving something citrus and smooth!

I would try it with the Bowl Of Green Goodness or my all time favourite Mediterranean Quinoa Salad!

Fig & Balsamin Vinaigrette GF, V, DF – the darker sauce

The Vinaigrette is so good with heavier root veg and potatoes.  It really amplifies the flavours, and makes everything really rich and creamy. Sort of giving you the idea that you are eating something cheeky and “comfort food” like.

Super good paired with something like My Bean Salad done three ways! Just add some more root veg to the mix and you are totally setting yourself up for a flavour town party!

Smoked Jalapeno & Apple Hot Sauce VG,GF, V, DF – the smoky coloured sauce

Ok so typically this bad boy is used for meat, but as we all know I do not really eat that much meat, maybe once every 10 days here and there! So I have yet to experiment with it in that direction, but I will as soon as my other half gets back to Canada!

But I have managed to marinate tofu in this sauce, and then lightly grill it and eat it with silky smooth sweet potato mash, and my gosh was it ever delicious! Paired with a clean slaw and fresh veg, it made for the best dinner and really made me feel like I was eating proper BBQ food!

So now that we are done chatting about sauces, I can move on the love of my life! OLIVE OIL and vinegars! I am a complete olive oil snob, and this shop really stole my heart!



The adorable store Oil and Vinegar located at the back end of WPV is really on to something! Selling the finest Oils and Vinegars but with a twist! Infused with delicious herbs, fruits and veg they make for the perfect salad, and side accompaniment! I ended up picking out five kinds, but I will definitely being going back for more and for top ups of the ones I already have!

They are high quality, filled with healthy fats, and extremely antioxidant.  Choosing good oils is extremely important. Simply by choosing the best of the best you are helping fight against free radicals and aging, and at a reasonable price!

So without further a due I present to you – from left to right – my Extra Virgin Olive Oil’s (EVOO) and Vinegars of choice!

Date Vinegar

So good combined with the Garlic EVOO, and dip into it with a good quality slice of toasted spelt bread!

Chili Pepperoncini EVOO

THAI THAI THAI! This was amazing drizzled over my Pad Thai! Really revealed a lot more flavours of the dish and really helped me sweat it out- which is always good!

Garlic EVOO

Good on everything – nuff said!


Strawberry Pulp Vinegar

Basil EVOO

The friendly women at the shop suggested I mix the two above together and make a few salads with it, so I did… and they were seriously the most bomb flavour combo I have ever had! Perfect with fruity spinach salad, chick pea salad, or even watermelon salad.  I really do believe that the possibilities are endless with this combo of flavours so I highly suggest you give it a go, and make Basil Strawberry Dressing a staple in your home this summer!  Eating dressing never felt so good, especially when you know it is the highest quality of product enriched with loads of vitamins and minerals for you and your whole family to enjoy.

So I guess what I am trying to do you is inform all of you of the alternatives available for sauces and oils! There is no need to use generic, “name brand” condiments anymore!! Seek out organic, healthy and no additives to add to your dishes.  Little changes with really create big impact, I promise!


Ramekins were purchased from The Complete Cook in WPV, and they are the perfect amount for your seeds, and sides! And make for the perfect portion for Oil and Vinegar for your homemade dressings!

Anyway, I really hope you all enjoyed this and are going to rethink what you currently hoard away in those fridges!

For more great tips and recipes visit Food By Maria!

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