Rediscover Handmade with Seed Yoga in the Park!

When we think of yoga wear – tight-fitting, spandex garments made popular by major sporting brands are the first things that come to mind. At Willow Park Village, we have discovered a unique line of locally made yoga wear, that can double as functional, fashionable clothing for every day wear.

With their enthusiastic spirit and incredible, eco-friendly products, we are so excited to welcome Seed Yoga to the park!

Who is Seed Yoga?

As a local yoga practitioner, and proprietor of Seed Yoga, Blake Ward’s passion for quality shows in each and every of his hand-made garments. Ward adds his own personal touch to Seed’s clothing, sewing in the finishing touches to pieces like the ever-comfy Antidote Pant.

Seed Yoga4

The Healthiest Clothes on the Planet

Made from natural textiles such as, bamboo, hemp, and merino wool, these garments are 100% biodegradable and kind to the environment. Bamboo and merino wool are not only fast drying and moisture wicking, but naturally anti-bacterial to keep your body dry and oh-so fresh. Combined with the durability and insulating properties of hemp and merino wool, Seed Yoga’s clothing is perfect for the studio or the ski-lodge – not that we’re quite ready for cold!!

Seed Yoga6

Let’s show our love for Mother Nature

In support of the planet we inhabit, Seed Yoga follows a no packaging philosophy, encouraging customers to bring their own bags! Thoughtfully adorned with a Dragon Blood Jasper stone, Seed Yoga’s clothing tags can be reused as a bookmark as well as a spiritually grounding bracelet.


Make sure you check out Seed Yoga this month located facing Macleod Trail next to First Choice Haircutters, open until October 11th!

Store Hours

Wednesday-Saturday: 10am-6pm

Thursday: 10am-8pm

Sunday: 10am-5pm


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