Spring Break Essentials

Unfortunately, I am past the day that my spring break essentials included simply a swimsuit, a bottle of tanning lotion, Advil, and maybe a Gatorade. Nowadays I have much more to consider than an all-inclusive escape to Mexico. With my husband and two children both dependent on me to plan and pack for the perfect spring getaway, I need to stay organized during the weeks leading up to our trip to Hawaii! To cross off the majority of my pre-vacation to-do list, I stop by Willow Park Village for all of my packing essentials!

I went this morning, so after the rush of getting the kids to school, my first stop was Booster Juice to get a refreshment. I try to stay healthy, as hard as it is with two young kids to cook for all the time, but I love Booster Juice as it’s a healthy treat for myself! They are just so tasty! My favourite is easily the “Spinach Is In It”… because spinach is in it, of course!

My second stop (and maybe the most obvious one), is Pipestone Travel Store! A not-so-secret tip I love to share for people who haven’t visited the store is their year-round packing seminars! They host them every month, and I have learned so much. It was extremely beneficial to learn how to pack light for a family of four! Today I was focused on buying a day bag as this trip we are going to be doing lots of walking and touring! I love Eagle Creek Packing Systems – it is the perfect way to stay organized with clothes, snacks and necessities!

Aldila Boutique was my ‘me’ stop. As much as I need to pack for my kids, I still want to look good on vacation! With Hawaii coming up quick, I realized I was in dire need of some new vacation wear! I don’t know if it’s just being on vacation, or the fact that there is a beach and palm trees but I always change up my look on vacation, I like to wear colour! Aldila had an amazing selection of colourful outfits for me to choose from and I could pack an entire suitcase with only my new clothes… but shhh… I told my husband I only bought one thing.

Lastly, and most importantly, I made a quick stop at California Tan for sunscreen! It is extremely important to protect my skin, and my family’s, from the sun! I will not let my kids get a sunburn on the first day to ruin their trip and damage their health! But, I couldn’t resist to pair my new bottle of sunscreen with an amazing tanning solution. Doesn’t everyone look a little better with some colour?

I hope everyone has an amazing spring break, whatever you are doing! But don’t hesitate to reach out for my other packing essentials!

Until next time,

XO Willow

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