Tips for hosting out-of-town guests this summer

Whether you have relatives or old friends coming to town, there can be a lot to think about when hosting out-of-town guests! Ease the stress of hosting with our five tips for make visitors feel more at home:

  1. Stock the fridge

Where to go: Meez Cuisine

Make your guests feel at home, especially in the kitchen. Stock up the fridge with ready to go snacks and items that guests can easily help themselves to. Meez Cuisine has a fantastic selection of gourmet dips, appies, and desserts to keep them from going hungry!

  1. Invest in bedroom basics

Where to go: The Down Shop

Fresh sheets and towels are a must when hosting overnight guests. Plus, it’s the best excuse to upgrade those bedroom basics throughout your home. The Down Shop has a great selection of quality bed, bath, and table linens to give guests the feeling they are at a luxury hotel!

  1. Add small décor touches

Where to go: Blooms & Butterflies

When it comes to décor, a little goes a long way. Add some fresh flowers to the bathroom or nightstand to help brighten up your home, without breaking the bank. Blooms & Butterflies can help you put together unique arrangements that will suit your home and instantly make your guests feel special.

  1. Freshen up the home

Where to go: Home, Treasures & More

While you may be accustomed to the clutter or pet smells in your home, your guests likely aren’t. Take the time to tackle those messy areas and freshen up your home. Home, Treasures & More carries an array of Maison Berger lamps, which are ideal for eliminating pet odours and leaving your home smelling fresh and fragrant. This will help make that first impression a great one!

  1. Host a casual dinner party

Where to go: North Sea Fish Market

Whether your guests are arriving from afar or tired after a long day of exploring, a casual dinner at home can be the perfect way to catch up and unwind. North Sea Fish Market has a fantastic selection of fresh fish, seafood and meat to prepare a memorable dinner for your guests.


For more great hosting ideas, stop by the shops at Willow Park Village at 10816 Macleod Trail, SW in Calgary. And don’t worry when you see a bit of construction at the Village. All stores are open and operating business-as-usual while we give them a brand new look.


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