What do you think a $2500 ‘Shop in the Park’ looks like? Take a peek, courtesy of the Willow Park Way!

It might have been a cold and rainy Saturday, but our ‘Willow Park Way’ contest winner Sandra and her daughter Jenna definitely brightened the mood! Taking time out of their busy schedules as a mother and student as well as working through home renovations, the two were prepared for a day of shopping, pampering, and relaxation.

Shop ‘til you drop!

Eager to begin their customized $2500 girl’s day, the ladies hit the pavement with a one-on-one styling from Aldila Boutique. The day quickly gained momentum with everything from a bakeoff with the talented pastry chef’s of Crave Cupcakes; a sampling of Second to None Meats’ naturally raised selections; a day in the life of a cheese mongerer, and so much more.

The end goal: A day spent enjoying the one thing loved most – quality time with each other!


Rediscovering Boutique!

Who knew so much could fit into one day, along with so many great finds’ in the process. Receiving a stone reading at Kate King Jewelry was unlike anything the pair had experienced before, much like a personality test, involving natural stones that connect us to our surroundings.


The surprises kept coming (even we were surprised!)

Next in line – Chocolate Cheese from Springbank Cheese! This melty goodness was a hit! Posing as fudge, the cheese brings notes of sweet and savoury together!


What’s a shopping experience without a brand new outfit? Check out these beautiful pieces Sandra and Jenna picked up from Aldila Boutique.


Shopping RnR!

Because a day of exploring shops and trying on new outfits can wear out even the most seasoned of shoppers, we made sure Sandra and Jenna fit a bit of rejuvenation & relaxation’ into their day with SKOAH and Tip to Toe Esthetics. Leaving the wet and rainy outdoors for a heated spa bed, the ladies soothed their skin with SKOAH’s detoxifying ‘Fascilious Facial’. To complete the day, Tip to Toe Esthetics treated the ladies to the perfect manicure and pedicure. Check out Jenna’s fabulous toes!


The Importance of Girl’s Day

Jenna and Sandra truly discovered the Willow Park Way: the real difference between any regular shopping excursion and one at Willow Park Village. Receiving one-on-one treatment from passionate store owners who love what they do is infectious! As they rediscovered the joy of boutique shopping, we were reminded of the importance of spending time with our loved ones.


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Willow Park Way Shoppes:
Aldila Boutique (403-278-4442)
Crave Cookies & Cupcakes (403-270-2728)
Kate King Jewelry (403-452-1888)
SKOAH (403-455-9494)
Springbank Cheese (403-225-6040)
Tip to Toe Esthetics (403-278-4114)
Second to None Meats (403-225-2788)

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