Wooing Your Love

Moving into February there is one date (no pun intended), that is on everyone’s mind; February 14th, otherwise known as Valentine’s Day! I’ve often found myself debating if this holiday is truly over-rated, as many of my friends seem to think so. However, as my children get older, I find that Valentine’s Day becomes more and more special. It’s a special day for me to connect with my husband, and a day for us to focus on each other and not the kids. Of course, I would be lying if I said treating myself to special gifts and getting a surprise from my husband wasn’t something I look forward to.

As intimate a detail as it is, I must share the positive experience I have had at Knicker’s ‘N Lace at Willow Park. For Valentine’s Day each year, I like to treat myself to a few pieces of lingerie I would normally never buy myself. It makes the day more special for me (and of course my husband). More importantly, I think it is important to feel confident, all the way down to your undergarments. Knicker’s ‘N Lace has styles to suit everyone’s preferences and body types! I always leave the store feeling excited and confident in my own skin, something I look forward to each year.

My husband, on the other hand, is shy about buying me intimate gifts such as lingerie. He prefers to buy my jewelry when he wants to surprise me, and this is something I will never complain about. Although he has great taste, this year something caught my eye. I can tell all of you that I have been subtly trying to hint at it for the past month! Wong Ken’s Jewellery at Willow Park Village has introduced a custom designed, heart-shaped diamond pendant and diamond stud earrings, and they are a perfect gift for anyone! However, we all know that sometimes our significant others fail at picking up on our hints, but at least I know Wong Ken’s Jewellery is one of his favourite places to shop for me. All I can say is that whenever I see that box my heart flutters.

I am starting to feel slightly less guilty about my Christmas spend, so I thought I would buy a new pair of shoes! And of course, I can never say no to a good sale. Check M8 Shoes has always been one of my go-to places for a good quality pair of shoes. I know that when I buy a new pair, they will not only compliment any outfit and be so comfortable, but will last for years to come. Maybe I will even find a nice pair for my Valentine’s Day dinner.

My last stop will be Armadio by Delia. With the special day fast approaching, I know the ladies at Armadio will help me find the perfect outfit! While I am there, I will sign up for Armadio’s weekly deal draw! Every Sunday they are going to post a special deal on their social media, so I can follow what deals are available each week! In addition, with winter ending (hopefully soon), I can start consigning some of the spring things I won’t be wearing this coming season! Armadio is the perfect stop to accomplish many of my shopping goals!

Of course, if Valentine’s day is not for you, remember Family Day is coming up too! Unsurprisingly, I am spending my Family Day at the village and celebrating at Chianti Café & Restaurant! They have a little something for everyone’s tastes, and my kids love their pasta!

I hope everyone has a lovely Valentine’s Day and Family Day this February! Use these days to share your love with what matters most, family.

Until next time,

XO Willow

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