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At Elements Inc., we believe that quality and passion are the essential elements for any outdoor adventure. Our brand is all about providing top-notch, high-quality products that enable you to fully immerse yourself in the great outdoors.

Our logo, inspired by nature’s four elements – earth, air, fire, and water – represents our deep connection to the world around us. We are not just a retail store; we are a community of outdoor enthusiasts who share a love for embracing the beauty and challenges of nature.

We are Canada’s leading Patagonia, Filson and Hooké dealer. We carefully select each product to ensure that it meets our high standards of durability, reliability, and performance.

While we are passionate about providing you with the best outdoor gear, we are equally committed to preserving and protecting the environment. We believe that we all share a responsibility to protect the future of our planet. As a proud member of the 1% For The Planet alliance, Elements is committed to that future.
When you shop with us, you’re supporting something bigger.

So whether you’re an experienced adventurer or just beginning to discover the joys of the outdoors, we are here to fuel your passion for exploration.

Elements owns and operates Patagonia Banff, Calgary and Victoria, as well as Elements Outfitters at Willow Park, Edmonton and Tsawwassen.


Mon-Sat | 10am-5pm
Sun | 12noon-4pm

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