Kate King Jewellery

Kate King Jewellery is a vibrational gemstone jewellery collection based on Quantum Physics. Everything in the universe vibrates including us.

Our company is dedicated to empowering people to understand their vibrational signature so they can make conscious decisions on the gemstones they choose to wear. When we are in balance, we feel joy. When we feel joy, we transfer that joy to everyone we interact with.

You can have a frequency analysis at our store. Our commitment is to be sure the pieces you purchase are harmonized to your specific resonance.

Powerful and provocative, Captivating and Unique, Kate King Jewellery.  Feel the Vibration.

Gift Cards are available for purchase in-store and can be used in-person or online.


Mon-Fri | 10am-6pm
Sat | 10am-5pm

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