Mother’s Day in the Village

Loved by mothers everywhere, May has to be one of the best months of the year – because of Mother’s Day, of course! When I was growing up, I always did the same thing for my Mom. I bought her flowers, chocolates and gave her a hand-made card. Now that I am a mother myself, I look forward to seeing what my husband and kids will do this year! However, I do know that there are a few things I can always expect.

Just like what I gave my mother, my kids get me a beautiful bouquet every year. My favourite flowers are from Blooms & Butterflies in Willow Park Village! They make the most gorgeous arrangements with the freshest flowers. Each year, whatever they may be – tulips, roses, lilies – having my kids hand me the beautiful wrapped bouquet on Mother’s Day morning is one of my most precious and valued moments.

Now, on to the more material (but fun) gifts. My kids may give me flowers, but my husband gives me jewellery. Kate King in Willow Park Village is his go-to for Mother’s Day! They always have happy, colourful and beautiful pendants and crystals that are a perfect gift for any mother! This May is even more special at Kate King with their Vibrational Analysis workshops! I am going with my daughter to learn about working with crystals and energy to enhance my mood and frequency!

One of my kid’s favourite restaurants is Broken Plate! For Mother’s Day this year I am sure we are going there – happy kids means a happy mom, you know! Recently renovated, Broken Plate is even offering new dishes like Lamb Baklava and Grilled Octopus (yum)!

My last recommendation is for all the future moms out there! Ella Bella maternity has a huge selection of gift options for moms-to-be this Mother’s Day! When I was pregnant, I loved when my husband or loved one brought me gifts for my future baby or future self – even though I hated acknowledging I was going to get bigger! And, when we are growing another human in our body, at that point, we are all moms.

I hope everyone has a lovely May, and an even lovelier Mother’s Day!


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