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There is no doubt that the beginning of spring means a spring cleanout of my house and wardrobe! Of course, we must hope that spring actually arrives in Calgary first! That being said, I have been emptying out my wardrobe for the last couple weeks. A rule of thumb that I go by is if I haven’t worn something in the past year, I get rid of it. Of course, after all the clothes are shuffled through the real work begins – a full house clean.

Recently, I went through my closet and tried to narrow my wardrobe down, but I can’t throw everything away! The spring pieces I haven’t worn in a year are in much need of a clean, and as much as I would love to smell like the back of my closet, I think it’s time for me to visit the dry cleaners. I have been going to Newton’s Dry Cleaning for the past five years, probably even longer! And I can sincerely say, I would never go anywhere else. Let’s face it, the perfect start to a fresh wardrobe is a clean wardrobe.

I’m not sure about you, but my body tends to go through slight changes year by year and I don’t want to buy an entire new wardrobe when I have items I still love from last year. Therefore, after my stop at the dry-cleaners I stop at Marianna’s Alterations & Repair, and trust me, she is the best in the business. Every time I need something tailored she is my go-to for quick adjustments, whether it be for my old clothes or new!

Although I definitely have wardrobe favourites that I re-wear each year, I will never stop buying some new pieces for my spring collection! Stopping in at Studio Blue I always love to see what new items they have in for the warmer weather (assuming it will come eventually!). I will admit that I love sweater weather, but seeing all the spring colours on the shelves really gets me excited retire my sweaters for the year. Studio Blue has a great selection of spring clothing to pick from, and in all honestly, I could buy an entire new wardrobe.

Of course, with the beginning of April comes the start of tax season. I’m sure I’m not alone when I say I don’t particularly enjoy doing this, but it is a necessary evil. I stop at H&R Block to figure out my taxes each year, and let me tell you, if help is offered for taxes, I will take it! So, although it might be the least exciting stop, it’s definitely the most important one!

I hope everyone enjoys the beginning of the Spring season! It may not be warm yet, but at least the days are longer!

Until next time,

XO Willow

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